Who We are

Haguruka is a non-profit association registered in Ontario that was founded in 2002 by women from Burundi to act as a cultural outlet for the community. Haguruka has evolved into an organization that strives to financially and socially empower women in Burundi, and support women in need in the diaspora in Canada. We are based in Toronto, Ontario (Canada). 

"Haguruka" is a Kirundi expression which means "stand up". Through our initiatives, we hope to help the most disadvantaged to rise out of poverty, silence, and ultimately out of all the socioeconomic injustices that prevent them from flourishing. 

We do this by enhancing the social, cultural, and economic aspects of their lives — especially for the women experiencing deep poverty and social exclusion — by providing them with economic relief. In the process, we particularly aim to celebrate Burundian women’s extraordinary courage, remarkable force of character, and sense of collectivity.

Current Strategic Priorities
  • Enhance economic and social empowerment of women and girls.
  • Increase access to education, health care, justice and entrepreneurial opportunities for women.
  • Build cohesion, inclusion, and integration through cultural and community engagement activities.
  • Advocate against gender-based violence in our communities.
Our Approach and Target Population
  • We contribute monthly as members and organize fundraising events to finance micro-credits projects for women in Burundi to allow them to acquire economic autonomy and improve their standard of life.
  • Working in partnership with on-the-ground agencies, we help women from all walks of life by providing them with micro-loans with minimal interest. Micro-loans are a proven effective, innovative, and empowering form of financial assistance for women and girls in need.
  • We focus on helping marginalized women living in poverty including:
    • Elder caregivers
    • Young mothers
    • Single mothers head of families and widows
    • Orphan girls
  • We also act as a knowledge sharing and cultural hub, and assist women and families in the Burundian diaspora in Toronto (Canada) and beyond. 

Haguruka's first strategic plan 'BUILDING OUR COMMUNITIES: Tackling Our Challenges Through Solidarity' is now available! Take a look at our goals and priorities for 2017-2020.