Improved standard of living and human rights for socially and economically disadvantaged women and their families in Burundi


Our established mission is to come together as an integrated Burundian diaspora, partners and allies to promote solidarity with women and children living in Burundi, as well as their families and larger communities within which they live. The purpose is to help those that are living under harsh economic and social conditions through financial assistance, solidarity and empowerment. We recognize that women are resilient and resourceful pillars of the community.
We focus on fundraising activities in Canada to provide relief to women in Burundi with the overall objectives of:

  • Enhancing the economic empowerment of women and the reduction of poverty in Burundi
  • Promoting gender equality via social media campaigns
  • Advocating to end gender-based violence
  • Supporting women’s involvement in Burundian civil society
  • Increasing access to education, health care, and economic opportunities for women in Burundi
  • Building a reputation in Burundi and Canada, as being an organization that fights poverty and improves human rights for women
How We Operate

To supplement the annual membership fees, we conduct periodic fundraising activities in Canada to provide economic relief and development to women living in poverty in Burundi through the provision of:

  • micro-financing and/or credit loans
  • public education and information sharing

We operate in partnership with other grassroots community organization already delivering services to women in Burundi.