• Haguruka is a volunteer-ran Burundian Canadian women charitable association based in Toronto (Ontario, Canada) that strives to help the economic development and improvement of the standard of life of low-income women and children living in Burundi. Our efforts focus on empowering women and helping them “raise up”.

  • We do this by enhancing the health, social, cultural, and economic aspects of their lives — especially for the women experiencing deep poverty and social exclusion — by providing them with economic relief. As a non-profit charity, we work with modest means and rely on the initiatives and support of people like you. Explore our website more and learn about how you can help us help women in need.


Haguruka is a non-profit association founded in November 2002 by women from Burundi with the objective to help women in rural and low-income urban areas in Burundi. We are based in Toronto, Ontario (Canada).

HAGURUKA is a Kirundi expression which means "Stand up". Through our initiatives, we hope to help those currently disadvantaged to rise out of poverty, silence, and ultimately out of all the socioeconomic injustices that prevent them from flourishing. In the process, we particularly aim to celebrate Burundian women’s extraordinary courage, remarkable force of character, and sense of collectivity.

We conduct periodic fundraising activities in Canada to provide economic relief and development to women living in poverty in Burundi through the provision of:

  • micro-financing and/or credit loans
  • public education and information sharing

We operate in partnership with other grassroots community organization already delivering services to women in Burundi.